This kitchen was designed by individuals that enjoy cooking. Long before it was vogue to have commercial style stoves in kitchens, we installed a commercial Wolfe stove. The difference is in the BTU’s (heat produced) and the ability to control the heat determines the foods outcome.  The result, you prepare meals like a professional chef. This kitchen has become a therapy for many as they sit back unwind and let their creative culinary juices flow.

stove #2   side view stv ,Island ,sink


Over the years families and friends have prepared fantastic meals as everyone participates. Children have learned how to make home-made tortellini, ravioli and multi colored pasta. The griddle is for those who like to be a short order cook and strives to create awesome home fries, cook the bacon in true diner style and  hardy pancakes. Imagine waking up in morning with the aroma of the kitchen and fresh brewed Vermont Coffee Roasters coffee. Stv,Island Sink


Friends that are executive chef’s (personal chef for Calvin Klein and the author of “Hello Cup Cake”) have enjoyed cooking and sharing in the bounties from the local farmers market. In fact they commented it reminded them of their home in Southern France. The local markets promote “Folklore” which sells all products from the farmers, wild mushrooms, produce, artesian bread and cheese makers. The ingredients are simply a joy to cook with


On, those snowy winters evening, warm summer nights enjoy as so many others have done to create savory memorable meals with family and friends. Relax and smell the food.


Bon Appetite


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