Billiards & Foosball Room

The billiards room is the in-house pub, no need to drive for entertainment. The Billiard table and foosball table will do that. The bar provides the work station so you can serve up cocktails, beer or wine. Play music and rackem up.

Bill Table         beer valley in window 11


This retreat within the house provides space to let the kids or adults have a place to go and have their own party. If a group wants to stay up late and brag about their incredible ski run, golf shot or intense biking adventure this is the place. The competition can continue long into the night. Bill Foos Tble


Competition is the theme of the “pub” as the photos of Ferrari’s and our families highly successful Motorsports endeavors are all hanging on the wall. The feel of the room is similar to being in Italy with antique trim woodwork and Ferrari colors.

Bil FO Couch

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